Friday, May 2, 2014

The Things I Know Now

I've been in Botswana for over two years, how crazy is that? Of course living in a small, rural village in a developing country across the world from my home has taught me plenty about myself, Botswana, development, public health, etc etc etc, and so many things that will never be summed in a blog post. But I do love lists, so...

I know:
  • how to make a party cup using an empty pop can and a can opener
  • how to slaughter a chicken (and yes, they do move around quite a bit when their heads are cut off)
  • you don't want to get between a hippo and the water
  • how to get reasonably clean in 1/3 bucket of water
  • zebra is delicious
  • I'd rather love and hate something than be bored and apathetic
  • behavior change is hard
  • how to cook! chowders, hummus, yumm sauce, tortillas, curries, steak, lentils, beans...
  • I will never be able to basket weave
  • what it feels like when an elephant charges you
  • how utterly freeing it is to be the village weirdo
  • that sometimes, you just need to jump off the bridge. 
  • all sorts of ways to use the internet using less data. anyone?
  • flies buzzing around your face are slightly more obnoxious than bug bites on your feet. slightly.
  • all those pretty butterflies love feces and garbage
  • crocs bite
  • it's much easier to have never had something than to have it taken away
  • kids pretty much the same everywhere
  • the art of hitch hiking
  • part of my heart is always going to be in the Okavango

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