Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Climbing the Highest Peak in Botswana

Male Hill, the highest of the four hills

....shocker, it's really not very high (about 1,500 m and the rest of Bots is around 1,000m). But, it was still a great way to get out and do some hiking, which is not easy to come by! Botswana is incredibly flat and lacking stairs, so an incline of any sort made for an excellent hike. Plus, the hills come out of nowhere so it's  pretty crazy how flat the land is for the full 360 degrees surrounding the peak. But man oh man do I miss a good Sunday hike!

Aimee and Jamie at the peak

Tsodillo is also pretty awesome because it has over 4,500 rock paintings, some around 2000 years old. They were painted by the San  people of the Kalahari Desert, and depict giraffes to drying hides to whales- very interesting for an area in the middle of southern Africa. 

Jamie and I in front of a panel, featuring 
giraffes, rhinos, and other hoofed animals

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Best Thing I've Eaten in 10 Months

Yep, that good. Two of my girlfriends were over and nearly ate ourselves sick over these chocolate chip brownies. You know how sometimes desserts just aren't as good after the first bites? This was nothing like that. 

Special thanks to Kate for sending these with my mom, in honor of all of our wine and brownie nights :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Peace and Quiet

What to do when your neighborhood kids interrupt your yoga practice? 

Convince them to join you, of course.