Monday, November 18, 2013


So I went to Mozambique. It was awesome.

Highlights include: sitting on the beach, eating a whole lotta seafood, seeing a giant leatherback sea turtle, swimming with whale sharks, five dollar fancy cocktails, and relaxing. 

Lowlights: The truly absurd amount of bus travel it took to get there and getting money stolen. Worth it. 

Photographic Evidence of a Real Good Time:
Night sky on our nightly walk back!
We made prawn and calamari curry! 
Our first seafood meals, the first of many.
Fishing nets on the Indian Ocean
We made friends and took him up on an offer to make traditional Mozambican food. The family had piglets! SO excited!
Ready to eat some delicious seafood and matapa!
Learning to open and shave a coconut!
We saw a leatherback sea turtle on the beach! Even the turtle researcher in the area had never seen one like this before.
Hanging out in Inhambane
Enjoying the warm waters of the Indian Ocean!
Snorkeling with whale sharks! SO COOL! We swam next the world's largest fish, no one had a camera that could go underwater but here's some more info on the giant fish:
Feeling five dollar fancy with cocktails!
(Caveat: some of the photos are mine, several of them are borrowed from my travel companions)

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